Remote Support


Welcome to the DIS Remote Support Page

If you are in need of remote assistance please click the link below labeled  "DIS Remote Support Link" and download TeamViewer.  If clicking the link does not work then right click it and select open in new tab and then it should start. 

TeamViewer Installation

Step 1


After you have downloaded TeamViewer click on the downloaded file and install it. Use the default settings when prompted. They should look like the picture above. Default installation and personal use should be the 2 buttons selected. 

Step 2


After you have verified that the correct buttons have been selected click on accept and finish.

Step 3


The installation will start and complete.

Step 4


After the installation is complete you will see an icon appear that looks like the one in the picture on the bottom right hand side of you screen if you are a windows user.  Click the icon and the application should start. If you do not see it continue to step 5. 

Mac users will either see a desktop icon or need to search finder to locate the application. 

Step 5


If you were unable to locate the TeamViewer icon in the task bar then use the windows search function on the bottom left of the screen and type "teamviewer" without the quotes.  Click the application link and it will then start. 

Step 6


Now that you have installed the application and have located it, this is what the application interface should look like.  What we will need when we contact you to remote in will be Your id and the password. The password is auto generated over a specific time frame so it never stays the same.